Serena's Serenities

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Magic Cream Ointment

1 oz tin $5.00, 2 oz tin $8.00

Only natural ingredients here.  Comfrey, stinging nettle and rosemary, dried and infused with olive oil and set with local beeswax.  great to be used on sore and stiff muscles and joints while at the same time, it smells fresh and moisturizing.  

Menthol Sticks

2.5 oz stick $8.00

Try this stick for some cooling sensation of menthol and peppermint combined.  Can be used on sore and stiff muscle and joints.  Contains: avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, shea butter, olive oil infused with comfrey, stinging nettle and rosemary, menthol crystals, water, peppermint essential oil.  Lots of great moisturizing goodness in this little container!