Serena's Serenities

Handmade All Natural Products for Body, Health and Home   


2 oz spray bottle $5.00 each

What a great alternative to what we have available now!  These sprays are made simply with two ingredients: distilled water and essential oils!  Chemical free-clean!  Can all be used for linen or fabric sprays or air fresheners.  (do not however recommend orange spice for bed time, as is known for its enliving benefits, and may actually keep you awake at bed time!  

Scents include: 

-Lavender, the traditional go-to to help you sleep at night

-Green Mother, which is Serena's Serenites own formulation and number 1 best selling fragrance!  Made with a unique blend only available through us!

-KIDS...Relax!  Great night time spray for active kids.  A blend of numerous essential oils to help kids calm down at bedtime and which in turn can help them get to sleep quicker

-Allergy Spray-spray on your pillow before going to bed to help your sinus' open up and lets you get to sleep a little easier.  A blend of three oils including peppermint.  

-Orange Spice-better used as air freshener or fabric refresher, due to the citrus content!  Also includes clove essential oil and smells so good! 

-Pet Deodourizing spray-made with a combination of various essential oils to help neutralize odour left by your much loved dogs! (please avoid using around cats)