Serena's Serenities

Handmade All Natural Products for Body, Health and Home   


These sprays contain bug hating essential oils which smell great to us.  All blends are made by hand and unique to each bug that they are to repel.  All natural, no preservatives, no chemicals, no DEET.  These sprays can be used on humans and larger dog breeds. Not to be used on feline of any size.  


Essential oils and blends, including single oils such as lavender, blends such as my number one best seller, "Green Mother".  OIls can be used for diffusers, air purifying, adding to your own sprays and so much more.  I also have premade sprays and roll-on perfume made all naturally.  Look under this heading for linen sprays, roll-on perfumes or solid, bug repellents.  If looking for something specific and don't see it listed here, just ask and I can see what I can do to whip up what you are looking for!  (I never recommend using oils directly on your skin nor ingest without the use of carrier oils, and always consult with your doctor if you have any specific concerns or questions in relation to any medication that you are on.)


From perfumes to peppermint sticks, what you can't find elsewhere on this website, you may find here!  All product is hand-blended with essential oils and carrier oils such as olive or grapeseed oil.  


My salve and ointments are made by infusing the herbs with olive or grapeseed oil for 6-8 weeks for maximum infusions.  When being prepared, I use local beeswax, the only other agent in this mixture.  No added scents or other unnatural ingredients.  If interested in learning some background information on the herbals that I use, by all means do some research to see what great benefits each herb that I use, can do for you!