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Roll-On Oils and Perfumes
All Roll-on and perfumes are $5.00 per bottle/tin

Did you see the list posted on this site showing all the oils and blends that I have available?  If you would like mixed and packaged for you, I can do that. All roll-on bottles contain the oil/blend of your choice and mixed with grapeseed oil for less greasiness but easy to apply directly to your skin.  Perfume pots also contain local beeswax as hardening agent for this solid perfume.  


5ml rollon bottle $6.00

Made with Lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil.s Can be applied to temples, back of neck and shoulders when headaches occur. Bottle can be reused once grapeseed and essential oil blends have been used! 


Have those pesky 'womanly changes' started? Try this misting spray for hot flashes. It just might help you! Essential oils include chamomile, peppermint and clary sage.  Also contains distilled water, rubbing alcohol and aloe vera juice so good for your skin at the same time.  60 ml spray bottle for $5.00


HHHoTTT is back! now repackaged with these purple glass 5 ml bottles with metal balls. Great for those midlife female hotflashes. Only a few currently available so get yours now. Blend has now been reformulated with grapeseed oil, which absorbs into your skin faster and leaves less oily residue than before. Essential oils used for this formulation include rose, chamomile, lavender, sage and peppermint. also available for midlife hot flashes is my facial and body mist. get both now!! Bottles are reusable!  5ml bottle $7.00