Serena's Serenities

Handmade All Natural Products for Body, Health and Home   

Production currently in planning stages.  Jewelry will include glass beads, small semiprecious stones, lava rocks for aromatherapy, small freshwater pearls.  These items will be made into earrings, bracelets and necklaces...check back once items are produced and ready for sale, they will also be uploaded!  


Pictures below are just an example of some of the items that I have made to date, and not necessarily any longer available.  If you see something you like please ask and I can let you know if still have that item or if I can make a new one.  I can make most again with your requested colours if I have on hand still, or design.  All pieces may not look exactly the same when remade (all are unique in their own way!)  Materials used are glass beads, semi-precious stones and lava rocks, as well as various metals.